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Cheli, who hails from my alma mater, the Manhattan School of Music, performs his Clementi with flair and distinction. The earliest piece is light on its feet and never forced. It reveals its modest charms with delicacy, precision, and light use of pedal. The slow movement proceeds directly with little pause, yet somehow it feels appropriate. The emotional temperature barely rises before Clementi dashes forth with his spirited finale, at last rising but a little in volume and showing just a bit of gaudiness. 

The Allegro and Finale in E-flat (WoO 22- 23) is a considerable advance in harmonic interest, and the brief fragment of a Finale makes us wish we had more. 

Keith Anderson’s notes are excellent if minuscule in print, the sound is very good, and Cheli does Clementi proud. 



WTJU 91.1

 Dominic Cheli is a young pianist who performs these works with an easy assurance. These are not major works, but Cheli gives them the attention they deserve. His light touch at times seems light-hearted as well.

You don’t have to be a Clementi completist to enjoy this release. It’s simply a pleasant listening experience for anyone who enjoys piano music.

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Dominic Cheli approaches these pieces with great skill and technical prowess. Not all of them are virtuosic ‘tour-de-forces’ but when a piece is lacking in difficulty it is often harder to interpret. I have not heard other versions of these works (Pietro Spada on the Art record label, for example) but feel that Cheli has provided definitive performances that match splendid playing with an appreciation of, and sympathy with, Clementi’s diverse, classically based style.