The Columbus Dispatch

“Goad and pianist Dominic Cheli brought spark and sensitivity to the concerto. Even with the symphony behind them, their instruments seemed to dance with each other; at times, the moody whine of the trumpet offset the commanding power of the piano.”

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Palm Beach Daily News

“It was a point of relaxation before he launched into the “Fantasy in B minor,” Op. 28 by Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915). Composed in 1900, between his third and fourth piano sonatas, it is, despite its title, in fact a sonata-allegro and infrequently performed due to its prodigious difficulties. Cheli surmounted those completely, releasing a tonal flood from his Steinway D.”


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In his opening piano solo line, Cheli emerged from the orchestral texture seamlessly with thoughtful and sensitive playing, positioning the piano as a fellow instrument in the orchestra, rather than set off with its own part.