Dominic Cheli

Press Reviews


The columbus Dispatch

“Goad and pianist Dominic Cheli brought spark and sensitivity to the concerto. Even with the symphony behind them, their instruments seemed to dance with each other; at times, the moody whine of the trumpet offset the commanding power of the piano.”

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Palm Beach Dail News

“It was a point of relaxation before he launched into the “Fantasy in B minor,” Op. 28 by Alexander Scriabin (1872-1915). Composed in 1900, between his third and fourth piano sonatas, it is, despite its title, in fact a sonata-allegro and infrequently performed due to its prodigious difficulties. Cheli surmounted those completely, releasing a tonal flood from his Steinway D.”


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Town Topics

In his opening piano solo line, Cheli emerged from the orchestral texture seamlessly with thoughtful and sensitive playing, positioning the piano as a fellow instrument in the orchestra, rather than set off with its own part.   


The LA Times

Pianist Dominic Cheli transfixed the audience. This young man was mesmerizing — his fingers were one with each key.

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The La Times

Dominic Cheli, a graceful young pianist studying at Colburn who already has something of a recording career, was soloist in Prokofiev’s Third Piano Concerto…Instrumental solos were clean, fresh and impressive.

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The Virginia Gazette

“Cheli delivered, thematically, one helluva brilliant performance. He blended the sweet with the sensational in a mighty display of exacting keyboard skill that often found fingers flying with such flurry they became a blur of activity. It was a dazzling moment by a pianist whose name is destined for Schub-ian heights.”


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“Dominic Cheli is a young pianist who performs these works with an easy assurance.” 

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Pianist Dominic Cheli exhibited thoughtful playing and deep musical connection during the first half of the program. Cheli plays with delicacy and a regal poise…


Music web International

Dominic Cheli approaches these pieces with great skill and technical prowess.

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Santa Barbara Voice Magazine (page 4)

From shy ingénue pre-play, to barnstorming Goliath in performance, Cheli’s huge hands flew over the keyboard in lithe contradiction to their presumed gravity; sundry complexities flowing from Prokofiev’s pen were neatly turned to velvet submissions, in this pianist’s intelligent dissection of fact from froo-froo.

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The heartland Journal

Cheli transformed the piano into a mini-orchestra of its own, echoing the agility of a violin, the singing of a flute or the deep responsive voice of a double bass.